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Steall Falls Walk

Described by the author and Mountaineer W.H.Murray as 'the nicest half mile in Scotland',

this spectacular low level walk is available all year round and is suitable for families and all ages and abilities.

We start at the end of Glen Nevis and head into the dramatic Nevis Gorge. This is almost Himalayan in character with mountain peaks visible towering over the deep cleft of the gorge. Along the way we'll encounter various flora including the ancient Scots Pine Trees. As we leave the roaring waters of the gorge, the vista in front of opens up as the awesome Steall Waterfall comes into view. The wide open meadow contrasts dramatically with the narrow gorge.

Relax in the meadow or test you nerve on the wire bridge if you fancy some excitement!

This is one of the must see sights of the area and great trip in any weather!

Distance- 3km

Ascent-  80m

Duration 2 hours

Difficulty- 1/5 a great family trip!

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