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Winter Equipment List

Winter Equipment

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Essential Kit


Technical Kit:


-Winter walking boots - Need to be at least B1 rated and be able to take a C1 crampon. E.g. Scarpa Manta (B2), Scarpa SL (B1)  

-Crampons- C1 or C2 crampons e.g. Grivel G10 or G12’s  

-Ice-Axe- General Walking or Mountaineering Axe- 55cm length ideal  











-Thick walking socks

-Wicking baselayer/thermal - keeps moisture away from your skin and reduces how cold you feel as a result. Cotton is not suitable.


-Trekking trousers or Thermals- to be worn underneath waterproofs.


-Insulated mid layer- to be worn underneath waterproofs but on top of thermal/ baselayer for example a lightweight fleece or Primaloft top.


-Waterproof jacket - e.g. GoreTex, E-Vent, Paramo, Hyvent, etc

-Waterproof trousers- e.g. GoreTex, E-Vent, Paramo, Hyvent, etc


-Warm hat plus + 1 spare

-Waterproof gloves + at least 1 spare pair of gloves

-Spare warm layer- e.g. fleece or Primaloft


-Food and water - around 1-2 litres of water and plenty of snacks and high energy foods to get you through the day.


-Rucksack - 40-45 litre recommended with loop for carrying axe

-Rucksack liner/Drybags- rucksacks aren’t waterproof so either a large poly-bag liner or several smaller dry-bag type bags recommended.

-Head Torch

-Personal medicines












Any specific questions about kit then get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help and advise you.


Other recommended kit


Survival bag-  Plastic type, available for a couple of pounds.

Sun screen, sun glasses - mountain sun can be fierce.

Ski/ Snow goggles (not essential but recommended)- very useful  when walking into the wind and spindrift.

Gaiters- stops snow from getting into your boots.

Personal medicines


Trekking poles (Optional) - can take 3 tonnes of loading off of your knees over the course of a day and also good in deep snow.

Ice Axe, Crampon and Boot Hire available from the following local outdoor shops:

Click on links for further info.


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