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Ben Nevis Winter Ascent



For all our Winter trips we ask for a good level of fitness. Previous experience of hill walking in Summer conditions is very useful.

We run these trips on demand throughout the Winter season so please get in touch to arrange your adventure on Ben Nevis in Winter!

A full kit list can be seen here.

We can run these courses on demand all throughout the winter. Course itineraries are flexible to allow us to make the most of the best weather conditions.



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A Ben Nevis Winter ascent is a serious but massively rewarding undertaking. Our normal route of choice is the Mountain Track which is straight forward in Summer but in Winter it can become much more challenging under deep snow, hard ice, high winds and white out conditions. It requires the use of technical equipment including ice-axe, winter boots and crampons. Hire can be arranged locally in Fort William. If you've had some previous experience in Winter conditions using ice axe and crampons then this is ideal. However, we can cover some core Winter skills as we make our way up the mountain.





The rewards of a Winter ascent of Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain are great, with (sometimes!) views of snow covered peaks as far as the eye can see and a real and deserved sense of achievement. No guarantee is made to reach the summit as sometimes in Winter this is just not possible. However, we will do everything we can to give you the best chance whilst looking after you each step of the way.