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Ben Nevis Winter Weekend

This popular trip allows those with little or no experience of Winter walking to have a go ascending the UK's highest peak, Ben Nevis in Winter.

These courses are great for those who have good general fitness and some Summer hillwalking experience.

Our first day usually involves a training day, allowing us to acclimatise to the Winter mountain environment as well as learning some core Winter Skills.



During day 1, there are various core topics we tend to cover that include:


Introduction to the Winter Mountain environment, weather and avalanche forecasts.

Selection and use of Winter equipment and clothing.


Movement on snow and ice:

Use of the Winter boot as a tool,

Using an Ice Axe, Use of Crampons

During the second day of the course, we put everything in practice and attempt to climb Ben Nevis via the Mountain Track. In Winter the path is very often fully buried under snow and your Mountain Professional will lead you over the summit plateau to reach the summit. There are often several metres of snow on the summit during Winter making the mountain feel vastly different to it's benign Summer condition.


We can run these courses on demand all throughout the winter. Course itineraries are flexible to allow us to make the most of the best weather conditions.



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