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Summer Walking/Ben Nevis Equipment List




Waterproof Boots -Probably the most important piece of kit. Good ankle support


Wicking Baselayer- keeps moisture away from your skin and reduces how cold you feel


Waterproof Jacket- With a good hood- plastic ponchos are not adequate.


Waterproof Trousers-Side zips are useful to help get them over your boots


Hat and  Waterproof Gloves- Even in Summer, summit temperatures can be low especially on Ben Nevis


Warm Layer +1 spare layer- Fleece works well.


Sun Screen, Sun Glasses and Hat- Mountain sun can be fierce


Food and Water- Around 1- 2 litres of water and plenty snacks and high energy foods to get you through the day


Rucksack- large enough to carry all of the above, large poly-bag liner useful as rucksacks aren't waterproof!


Small personal First Aid Kit- e.g  plasters, painkillers, medication, nitrile gloves





(Optional but recommended kit)


Midge Repellant- We use and swear by 'Smidge'!


Sun Cream/Sun Glasses/Sun Hat- For those rare sunny days, these are highly recommended.


Trekking Trousers- with or without zip-off's


Trekking Poles- Can take 3 tonnes of loading off of your knees over the course of a day- well worth it for the Ben!




Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about what is the best kit to take.


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