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We offer 1, 2, or 3 day Winter Skills Courses based in the stunning West Highlands.  We make sure these courses are tailored to our individual groups rather than have them 'off the shelf'!

These courses are great for those who want to move towards being independent in the Winter mountains and who have some experience of hill walking in Summer.



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During these courses, there are various core topics we tend to cover duing the days that include:


Avalanche Awareness using the 'Be Avalanche Aware' Process. This includes weather forecast and avalanche forecast interpretation and how to plan a day out in the Winter Mountains.


Movement on snow and ice:

Use of the Winter boot as a tool- kicking steps

Using an Ice Axe- including self arrest, self belay

Use of Crampons- French/Flat Footing, Front Pointing, Hybrid

Winter Skills Courses in Scotland, Glencoe Winter Skills, Ben Nevis Winter Skills

The best classroom we have by far is the mountain environment and as well as some hard skills, we also aim to tackle the most challenging aspect of being in the mountains in Winter-  decision making.

Route choice, when and where to put crampons on, get the axe out and navigation are all part and parcel of a Winter day out and as much as possible, we'll get you out there making these decisions whilst having an experienced Mountain Professional to coach you through this process. We also  aim to make these courses as fun and enjoyable as possible too!

We can run these courses on demand all throughout the winter. Hire of crampons and ice axes are included but Winter boot hire will need to be arranged at one of the outdoor stores in Fort William.



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